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Do you need a septic installation near me? Then turn straight to one of the best septic companies in and around Greenville, SC: JB Contractors. We are a full-service team that has been providing various sewage, plumbing, and septic services for more than four generations now. So call (864) 382-0560 now to request a concrete septic tank installation cost!

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Main Water Line Replacement

If repairs aren’t cutting it anymore, then you might already need a main water line replacement. Sadly, many residents aren’t aware that they’re due for a new water line installation. In fact, many just assume that slow-flushing toilets, backed up drains, and noisy drainages are normal. But they couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re having a hard time deciding whether you need a main water line replacement, don’t worry! The water line installation technicians at JB Contractors will give you an honest diagnosis on whether you need repairs or replacements. Just give us a call, book your appointment, and then wait for us to visit your site. Clients in and around Woodruff, SC can get in touch with us at (864) 382-0560 for more information!

Main Water Line Repair

main water line repair landrum sc

Here are some signs that it’s time to call for a main water line repair specialist:

  • Weak Water Pressure: A decrease in water pressure might indicate a blockage in your pipeline. Keep in mind that your water pressure shouldn’t weaken no matter how long it has been since your water line installation. So, if you notice a sudden decrease in your water pressure, call your main water line repair team.
  • Strange Noises: Do you hear strange gurgling noises from your sink, toilet, bathtub, or drain? Then you might be due for a main water line repair. Unusual noises often mean there’s an issue with your pipeline. Make sure to call for help right away before the damage spreads to other pipes.
  • High Water Bills: Water leaks aren’t that easy to spot, especially if they’re underground. So one way to know you have a leak without seeing it is when your water bills inexplicably rise. If you’re paying more than you know you should, it’s best to have the right water line installation specialists look at your pipeline.

Do you need a main water line repair? Then reach out to JB Contractors! We are experts that provide everything from a simple leak repair to a full water line installation. Clients in and near Woodruff, SC can call (864) 382-0560 for free quotes and estimates.

Underground Water Line Repair

underground water line repair reidville sc

Underground water line repair is an extremely difficult and time-consuming job. Your water line installation specialists would have to dig up the broken pipes, spot the damages, fix them, and then place them safely underneath once again. Not to mention that if they dig up the wrong pipe, they’d have to start all over again.

With that in mind, make sure to hire the right team for underground water line repair. You can’t just trust some run-of-the-mill brand with your pipeline. Otherwise, it might end up in a big, messy disaster. So, if you need expert underground water line repair or installation in or near Woodruff, SC, turn straight to JB Contractors. Our team has more than four generations’ worth of plumbing experience so we’re confident that we can solve whatever plumbing or sewage issues you might have.

Are you due for an underground water line repair? Then call (864) 382-0560 now to book an appointment! Our team will get back to you right away for your free water line installation and repair price estimate.

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